Hyde Park Estate Low Traffic Neighbourhood

The 28 day engagement on the proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhood for the Hyde Park Estate area has now concluded, and we thank you for your comments on these proposals.  We were eager to get views on the scheme, designed in response to resident requests, before considering its implementation, and this is why we ran an engagement exercise to share with you the objectives and proposals. 

We are currently assessing the responses. There have been many comments from across the community and, while there is a recognition that the volume of traffic passing through the area is an issue, it is clear there is not a consensus in support of the proposed scheme.  We acknowledge the concerns that have been raised, and we have made the decision not to progress with the proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhood.

What is clear from many of the comments received before and during the engagement, is that there is a problem with rat running through the Hyde Park Estate area, and that some intervention is needed to manage the through traffic.  On that basis, we acknowledge that more work is needed to assess what measures might be possible, and acceptable.  Therefore we will continue to work with residents and local businesses to identify such measures to deliver improvements to the area.

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